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Seamless gutters


Louisville weather can take a toll on your roof and gutter system. When you choose new seamless gutters, you benefit from the protection of your roof and the reduction of your home maintenance workload.

You may not realize the vital role your gutters play in the performance of your home’s health. With an average of over 44 inches of annual rainfall in Louisville, KY, your gutters get quite a workout! Many homes still have a gutter system that was installed in pieces or sections. This old-school way of installing gutters allows for the seams to break free and leak. Leaking gutters allow rain water to get close to your foundation and can cause foundation damage. Let us install new seamless gutters that properly direct water off your roof to protect your foundation and your roof!  

Our long-lasting, seamless gutters come in an array of no-paint colors. They’re built and installed to be tough and durable so you don’t have to worry about damage to your home or cleaning out your gutters. We provide you with excellence in service, installation, and quality of materials so you can enjoy peace of mind.

Add gutter guards in varying styles to complete your new seamless gutter system.

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Seamless Gutter

seamless gutters on a older house by the best gutter company in louisville ky, we nailed it

House with New Seamless Gutters

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Closeup of New Seamless Gutters


  • Standard coil thickness of the aluminum seamless gutters we install is .027, with .032 coil available.
  • Our 5″ gutters are capable of holding 1.2 gallons of rain per linear foot. Our 6″ gutters are capable of holding 2 gallons per linear foot.
  • Downspouts are installed with 2″ x 3″ for 5″ gutters and 3″ x 4″ for 6″ gutters. Downspout thickness is .019 and they come in 10 foot lengths.
  • We only use a screw in, hidden hanger system to install your new gutters. Hangers are installed approximately every 2 feet along the gutter. Nailing is an old and outdated process that always fails in time.
  • Inside, outside and bay window miters are all done by hand. Our opinion is it is a much cleaner and sleeker look for your new gutters.
  • All miters and end caps are sealed with a tripolymer sealant.

We install your new seamless gutters with a minimum slope towards your downspouts. It is our professional opinion that this helps promote the water flow to the downspouts which helps keep the inside of your gutters clean and clear. If you have standing water in your gutters, you have a breeding ground for mosquitoes, and no one likes mosquitoes!

we nailed it seamless gutter color options

color options

Our Seamless Gutters come in dozens of colors to compliment your home. Not only are they durable and low-maintenance, they’re also beautiful! Plus, their two-coat finish inhibits rust and never requires a paint job, so you can relax more and enjoy your home.


We Nailed It Roofing & Gutters is commited to doing our part to reduce waste and recycle materials in an effort to help make the world a brighter place. Our seamless gutter materials are made from a sustainable formula and are recyclable. When you choose us for your gutter job, you’re making a better, eco-friendly choice. Helping our environment makes us feel good. Mother nature depends on us and so do our future generations!

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Gutter Guards


When you choose to install new gutter guards, you eliminate the task of gutter cleaning forever! We install the best gutter guards available.

If you are tired of risking life and limb to clean out your gutters, you need to call us, the local gutter guard professionals, to schedule your free consultation and estimate.

In Louisville, we have some very mature trees that drop tons of leaves and debris all year long. Many experts say that you should clean your gutters as often as 4 times per year! This can be a very dangerous endeavor for the average home owner. Leave this task to the professionals. Better yet, let We Nailed It Roofing & Gutters install your new gutter guards to keep your gutters and downspouts flowing freely.

we nailed it employee cleaning gutters on ladder

Leave Gutter Cleaning to the Professionals!
Install Gutter Guards to bypass Gutter Cleaning altogether!


With Leaf Relief, you have peace of mind that your gutters will not get clogged with leaves and debris. Leaf Relief mounts securely to the front bead of your gutters, which makes it virtually invisible from the ground. Additionally, Leaf Relief gutter guards can usually be installed with your existing gutters!

leaf relief gutters in louisville, ky by we nailed it roofing and gutters


Leaf Sentry cap style gutter guards are mounted directly to the front edge of the gutter. The back end of the product slides under your first row of shingles, allowing the rain to ride the top of the gutter guard into the gutter, while the leaves and debris slide off the front edge. For steeper roofs and areas that collect rain from multiple roof lines, Leaf Sentry is available in a high flow panel.  To compliment the beauty of your home, Leaf Sentry comes in 16 colors plus copper!

gutter covers by we nailed it in jefferson and oldham county kentucky
high flow gutter covers in louisville by we nailed it

Leaf Sentry Gutter Guard color options

Our Leaf Sentry Gutter Guards are available in 16 colors plus copper, so it’s easy to find the right color to compliment your home. Not only do they protect your home and save you work, they’re also beautiful! With Leaf Sentry Gutter Guards installed, you can say goodbye to cleaning gutters forever and reclaim your precious time to relax and enjoy your home.

leaf sentry color options by we nailed it roofing and gutters in louisville and jefferson county ky


We Nailed It is a second generation roofing contractor business with over 25 years roofing experience in Louisville, KY and the surrounding areas. We are local, honest and trusted. If you are looking for the best Louisville roofer or gutter contractor, just pick up the phone and give us a call! At We Nailed It Roofing & Gutters, our skilled and trained installers use only the highest quality materials, Owens Corning shingles.