Seamless gutters come in many different colors.


Seamless gutters

You may not realize your gutters play a vital role in the performance of your home’s health. With an average of over 44 inches of annual rain fall in Louisville, KY your gutters get quite a workout! Many homes still have a gutter system that were installed in pieces or sections. This old school way of installing gutters allows for the seams to break free and leak. This will allow the rain water to get close to your foundation and possibly allow for leaks or worse, foundation damage! With seamless gutters installed by We Nailed It Roofing & Gutters we eliminate the seams and run full length pieces whenever possible. We have become the go to seamless gutter contractor in Louisville, KY! We also offer different styles of gutter guards for your new seamless gutter system.

We nailed it roofing & gutter Specifications

  • Standard coil thickness of our aluminum seamless gutters we install is .027, with .032 coil available.
  • Our 5″ gutters are capable of holding 1.2 gallons of rain per linear foot. Our 6″ gutters are capable of holding 2 gallons per linear foot.
  • Downspouts are installed with 2″ x 3″ for 5″ gutters and 3″ x 4″ for 6″ gutters. Downspout thickness is .019 and they come in 10 foot lengths.
  • We only use a screw in, hidden hanger system to install your new gutters. Hangers are installed approximately every 2 feet along the gutter. Nailing is an old and outdated process that always fails in time.
  • We hand miter all inside, outside and bay window miters. Our opinion is it is a much cleaner and sleeker look for your new gutters.
  • All miters and end caps are sealed with a tripolymer sealant.

We install your new seamless gutters with a minimum slope towards your downspouts. It is our professional opinion that this helps promote the water flow to the downspouts which helps keep the inside of your gutters clean and clear. If you have standing water in your gutters you have a breeding ground for mosquitoes, and no one likes mosquitoes!


Colors Options Available


Seamless Gutter Colors